Lintulauta AVIA
Lintulauta AVIA
Lintulauta AVIA

Lintulauta AVIA

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Not just the birds will love it: AVIA bird feeder with stainless steel perch for our feathered friends to land on and peck at the seeds in the feeder. A funnel-shaped cylinder made of acrylic glass ensure more feed automatically flows through. A plastic cover protects the feed from rain. With brushed-finish stainless steel pole. 


  • Väri: Ruostumaton teräs matta
  • Halkaisija: 65 mm
  • Suunnittelija: Flöz Design
  • Materiaali: Acryl glas, ruostumatonta terästä matta, synteettistä materiaalia
  • Korkeus: 1.430 mm
  • Leveys: 180 mm